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Finnboat Boat Accessory of the Year chosen for the second time

For the second year of the competition, products were not separated into classes. All products were included in one category. The judges chose a short-list of ten from all competition entries. The short-listed products are on display at the south entrance to the Helsinki International Boat Show. The panel of judges comprised one yacht manufacturer, one motorboat manufacturer, a journalist from the largest magazine in the field, and a representative from the most important marine-industry authority. First prize awarded for improved safety through LED-technology.

Recipient of the first prize: Hella Naviled Pro 2-mile LED navigation light

The Hella Naviled Pro navigation light represents a new kind of technology that adds to safety. The product is durable, bright and has low power consumption. Before long it will become the "standard" and displace the old incandescent lamp bulb. The Naviled Pro series of lights are highly durable under demanding conditions. Every single light is fully watertight, resistant to UV-radiation and corrosion, and has a life cycle of more than
50 000 hours. In LED technology, breakable filaments are not utilised, thereby making the new Naviled Pro lamp extremely strong, impact resistant and wholly maintenance-free.

Secure and reliable mounting was a major concern in developing the Naviled Pro lamp. This innovation-loaded product provides dependable lighting and can be attached on any surface whatsoever by a strong and secure mounting system. Advanced Multivolt technology ensures steady, secure illumination between 9-33 volts, even in conditions of extreme voltage fluctuations. The new series of Naviled Pro navigation lights are the answer to safe, modern, reliable and energy-efficient navigation for yachts and powerboats in leisure or professional applications.

Representative: Maritim Oy, stand 5 C 3
For further information, contact Erik Lindgren (040-7016410)

Honorary Diploma: Paraloc ropes

In ropes manufactured by utilising Paraloc technology, the sheath and core fibres of the rope are parallel and intertwined at the braiding stage, i.e. the sheath and core fibres are interlocked to each other. The rope constitutes an integrated totality, in that the sheath and core cannot move independent of each other. Paraloc technology is utilised in the manufacture of ropes for demanding applications such as in rescue operations and in mountaineering. Using this same technology, ropes are now being produced for boating applications. Due to its round form, the rope maintains its structure thus improving its hold in rope-locks, cleats and self-reeling winches.

In terms of mechanical wear, Paraloc ropes last longer than sandwich-structured ropes. In addition, jamming brought about by the breakage of a sheath that is not interlocked with the core can never occur. In winching also, Paraloc ropes suffer less wear than sandwich-structured ropes, especially in extreme conditions. Since there is less heat generated from friction, the rope is less damaged. Paraloc ropes also grip more securely in rope-locks since the outer casing does not slip in relation to the core as is the case with conventional sandwich-structured ropes

Representative: Rymaco Oy, stand 5 A 17
For further information, contact Timo Lampén (tel. 0400 310331)

Honorary Diploma: Vetus anti-splash valve for fuel fills

When refuelling with diesel, the patented Vetus anti-splash valve prevents overflow so that diesel splashes and foam do not flood the boat deck and above all contaminate waterways.

The gasket of the anti-splash valve prevents the foam that surges back up the fuel feed pipe from splashing onto the deck, but redirects it to the anti-splash valve's integral 2-litre reservoir and then on to the fuel tank via the breather pipe. The breather pipe for the fuel tank is installed so as to pass via the anti-splash valve.

The updated model is lower than its predecessor so as to better facilitate its installation below deck. Hose connection possibilities have also been increased. Thirty-eight or 51 mm diameter connectors can be utilised for the deck mounting and filler hose. For the breather pipe, either 16 or 25 mm diameter connectors can be used. The reservoir has a capacity of about 2 litres

Representative: Vator Oy, stand 5 A 2
For more information, please contact Kim Koskinen (tel. 040 3007209)

Other products chosen to participate in the final:

1. Johnson Pump Ultima Combo bilge pump - Wihuri Oy Autola, stand 5 D 1
2. Wavestream bilge-water filter - Trans-Auto Marin Oy, stand 4 E 11
3. Navman Trackfish 6500 -Multi-function instrument - Vator Oy, stand 5 A 2
4. Henri Lloyd Gore-tex Ocean Racer Jacket - Sailtech Oy, stand 5 A 17
5. Harken Automatic Carbo Ratchamatic ratchet block - Sailtech Oy, stand 5 A 17
6. ProRainer "Oxygen jacket" - Maritim Oy, stand 5 C 3
7. Tacktick Cordless Remote Control with additional display - Rymaco Oy, stand 5 A 17

For further information, please contact:
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