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Marine Retailer of the Year 2005 award goes to Oy Telva Ab

Long-established traditions, an uncompromising customer service and the steady development of an active service concept were important criteria in the selection process.

Oy Telva Ab was founded in 1936 by Walter Berger who, as an ardent friend of nature and keen boating enthusiast, had become well acquainted with Finland's vibrant archipelago life. When offered an opportunity to import Archimedes outboard engines to Finland, the decision to establish a company was not a difficult one. In its first year of activity the company also made an agreement to import Albin inboard engines.

In addition to importing marine engines, Telva began to manufacture appropriate wooden boats to accommodate them. These wooden boats became a concept and in the 1950s and 60s TELVA boat exports to the United States were very brisk. Today, TELVA represents quality Finnish and imported boat brands.

In 1948, TELVA also began docking operations in the centre of Helsinki in the harbour at Valkosaari. The site functioned as an engine repair shop and also carried out all repair and maintenance services related to boats. Towards the end of the 1960s the company focused its operations in new premises in Lauttasaari having moved from Fabianinkatu and Valkosaari.

Currently, Telva imports Nimbus boats and Maxi yachts and acts as a retail dealer for, among others, Buster, Terhi, TG and Yamarin. The company also offers a wide selection of both outboard- and inboard engines, and well-organised maintenance activities. Telva's method of operating is to ensure that the needs of the consumer are taken care of throughout the whole acquisition- and boating chain. Telva provides boaters with a diverse, highly competent, and informative service.

In granting the Marine Retailer of the Year award the judges particularly mentioned the enterprise's activities in promoting the advancement of boating in general as well as its contribution to organised development in the marine industry.

The annual Marine Retailer of the Year award was granted now for the sixth time.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director Jouko Huju

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Oy Telva Ab
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