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Products entered in the competition by marine industry enterprises were not separated into categories but all included in a single class. The judges chose a short list of ten products from all entries. The short-listed products are on display at the south entrance to Vene 08 Båt. The panel of judges were made up of one sailboat manufacturer, one motorboat manufacturer, a journalist from the largest magazine in the field, and a representative from Finland's sea-rescue authority.

Recipient of the first prize: Boat Accessory of the Year 2008

BEP TSI Ultrasonic Tank Sender - programmable tank sensor

BEP Marine's programmable tank sensor determines the degree of fullness of fuel-, water-, and septic tanks. The small, slim-line, ultrasonic sensor is attached with screws on the cover of the tank on its exterior. The tank can be made of either plastic or metal and be of any shape whatsoever. At one go, the calibrated/programmable sensor verifies the contents of a tank in the same way an echo-sounder determines the depth. The BEP display is capable of reporting data from three sensors. Furthermore, the information can be transmitted to an existing analogue gauge anywhere on the boat. Mechanical sensors are generally difficult to install in tanks and are not very reliable, especially in septic tanks. Furthermore, changing, repairing, and the post-installation of mechanical sensors is often a laborious procedure.

Representative: Oy Maritim Ab
Stand 5 F 7
For more information, contact Kim Tigerstedt (020 765180)

Honourable mention

Vetus Fuelsafe anti-siphon device

The Vetus Fuelsafe anti-theft fuel device is an ingenious product in all its simplicity. Fuelsafe is easily inserted through the deck valve and installed permanently in the fuel filler pipe. The product package serves as a tool when installing. Manufactured from plastic that is unaffected by petrol and diesel, the anti-theft device prevents a suction hose being inserted through the deck valve along the filler pipe into the tank. The product is designed in such a way that it does not affect the flow of fuel, nor does it slow down the fuelling process. Fuelsafe is suitable for 38 and 51mm pipes in sailboats and motorboats. Fuel theft is still relatively rare in Finland. The moderately priced Fuelsafe device makes the work of thieves more difficult than ever.

Representative: Oy Vator Ab
Stand 5 D 18
For more information, contact Kim Koskinen (0207812209)

Honourable mention (jointly awarded to Yanmar and Nanni)

Flywheel generator for marine diesels; Yanmar and Nanni

Integrated with the boat's engine, the flywheel generator dispenses with the need to install a traditional auxiliary generator on the boat. The integrated flywheel generator produces a 230-volt alternating current already at low engine revolutions. The lightweight apparatus fits in between the engine and the gearbox. The electricity generated can be used for air-conditioning, coffee percolators, microwave ovens, computers and televisions. By utilising a standard battery charger, electricity generated by the flywheel generator can be used to charge boat batteries - often more effectively than with the engine's own charger.

The flywheel generator grants freedom for long, continuous sea excursions since the accumulator is no longer dependent on solar panels or regular land-based electrical charging - thereby resolving one of the main problems associated with cruising. The flywheel generators would have been positioned higher in the competition had it been possible to post-install them on older engines.

Representative: Ekströmin Koneliike Oy (Yanmar)
Stand 5 E 25
For more information, contact Sami Ojamo (0400 981 430)

Tapimer Oy (Nanni)
Stand 5 B 23
For more information, contact Markku Metsola (09) 2746 530

Other products on the short list of ten to reach the final were:

Furuno SC-30 Satellite compass, Furuno Oy, stand 5 D 3
Contact: Henri Haverinen 0400-951177

Racor fuel/air separator, Wihuri Oy Autola, stand 5 C 1
Contact: Reijo Lahtinen, 040-5060090

Wichard Gyb¹ Easy Preventer, Maritim Oy, stand 5 C 3
Contact: Kim Tigerstedt, 020 765180

Prodocker steering system, Vator Oy, stand 5 D 18
Contact: Kim Koskinen, 0207812209

Spinlock Deckvest safety harness/flotation vest, Sailtech Oy, stand 5 A 17
Contact: Jukka Herrala, 682 49511

Wallas Ceramic diesel hob 88 DU, Wallas Marin Oy, stand 5 C 3
Contact: Samuli Hellemaa, 040-5842202

For more information, please contact:
Managing director Jouko Huju (, +358-(0)40-5509310)
Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat
Käenkuja 8 A 47, FI-00500 Helsinki
Tel. +358-(0)9 696 2160, fax +358-(0)9 696 21611