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Though Finnboat membership has also increased numerically, the clearest growth has been in sales of well-known boat brands on both domestic and foreign markets. In addition, a significant number of new boat brands have come unto the market. The average boat size and the level of onboard equipment have contributed to the rise in turnover. Domestic boat sales increased by 38,8% and boat exports by 10,4%. Of those members who responded to the Finnboat questionnaire, 36,9% indicated that they would hire more workers.

Domestic boat sales

In 2007, there was a strong growth in domestic boat trading. Calculated on the basis of turnover, the increase was close to 40%. In terms of unit sales, the growth has been more moderate which indicates an increase in the size and equipment level of boats. In euro terms, turnover for 2007 (VAT 0%) increased to EUR 162,3 million (+38,8%). Based on turnover, the share of imported boats is forty percent and imports last year were on the increase (import statistics are available up to the end of October only). In unit terms, the share of domestic boats was again over 80%. In accordance with statistics provided by Finnboat member enterprises, 13,162 (+12,9%) smallcraft and motorboats in the under 6-meter class were sold. Based on the same measurement criteria, 1215 boats (+36,7%) in the 6,01 - 8 m class were sold. In the 8 - 10 meter class, 262 units were sold (+78,2%) and in the largest class, i.e. boats over 10 meters, 76 were sold (+204%). In Finland, 151 sailboats over 20 feet were sold (2006: 129 units). Of the sailboats sold on the domestic market, 90% were imported. In the most popular class, i.e. 34-40 feet, 79 were sold.

Boat exports

The export share of total marine industry production continues to be very high. According to information provided by enterprises. the export invoicing share of total invoicing in 2007 was over 75%. The sailboat share of export invoicing for 2007 was approximately 33%. The dedicated work of industry enterprises on both traditional markets and in creating new markets has brought dividends over the years. While the value of invoicing for boat exports in 1990 was around EUR 42 million, the corresponding figure for 2007 was EUR 283,3 million, a growth of 10,4% when compared with 2006 (estimates supplied by industry enterprises). Customs' statistics for the year 2007 are available for the period January-October only and consequently the actual number of boats transhipped over the border is not yet known. For the period January-October, export statistics for the top ten destinations are as follows:

Country   Units EUR (millions)
Norway   4186 66,8
Sweden   3871 47,1
Great Britain   182 28,0
Italy   654 19,1
Russia   532 17,8
USA   23 10,6
Germany   364 9,7
Holland   286 5,9
Switzerland   40 5,2
Denmark   264 3,8

For the same ten-month period, export destinations valued at more than one million euros were Japan, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Greenland, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Antiqua and Barbuda and Azerbaijan. In all, 11,707 BOATS (+12,3%) were exported to 34 countries during the period in question.

Boat imports

For boat imports also, customs' statistics are available for January-October only. Based on these figures, the value of boat imports for the period in question was EUR 60,9 million (+7,9%) (boats valued under EUR 840,- are excluded from this data). Import statistics for the five main import sources for the period January-October are as follows:

Country   Units EUR (millions)
Great Britain   24 10,3
USA   358 8,7
Sweden   593 7,3
Germany   88 7,1
France   93 6,6

In addition, the source countries with imports valued at more than one million euros were Poland, Russia, Canada. In all, 2668 boats were imported during the above mentioned period.

Outboard engine sales exceed 30,000 for the first time

Based on wholesale delivery statistics, unit sales of outboard engines in 2007 increased by 17,3% to exceed an historic 30,000 units. The exact figure in these statistics, which have been recorded since 1965, was 33,743. This figure is for total wholesale deliveries. It should be noted that it includes a powerful growth in re-exports (i.e. 9649 units (+103%)). If deliveries on the domestic market only are compared, the figure for 2006 was 24034 units and for 2007 24094 units. The four-stroke- and low-emission, 2-stroke engines' share of total sales was approximately 71%. Of all size classes, the largest continues to be engines below 5 hp, i.e. more than 40% of the total. In all, 117 (+2,6%) petrol-driven, sterndrive engines were sold and 1258 diesel versions (+3,1%). The total unit sales of shaft-driven engines was 841 (-19,5%), all of which were diesel.

When outboard engine sales are broken down by economic region, Uusimaa (including Helsinki) is the largest (4736 engines) followed by Varsinais-Suomi (2324) and Kymenlaakso (1756). The smallest region was Keski-Pohjanmaa (176).

Net sales (millions) of Finnboat member enterprises in 2007 (VAT 0%) by sector
(at manufacturer and importer prices):

BOATS 162,3(+38,8%) 274,3 (+6,8%)
ENGINES 90,9 (+10,8%) 17,2 (+35,4%)
EQUIPMENT 90,2 (+4,9%) 25,9 (+16,1%)
SERVICES ETC. 15,5 (+1,2%)  
TOTAL 358,9(+14,6%) 317,4 (+8,7%)
INDUSTRY TOTAL 676,3 (+10,5%)  

Industry prospects for 2008 remain good

At the beginning of January, Finnboat asked its members to respond to a few basic questions. We inquired about their plans with respect to turnover and labour. Overall, it appears that almost 60% of enterprises have budgeted for an increase in turnover while 5,4% forecast a fall. Concerning personnel requirements, 36,9% plan to hire new workers while only 1,5% plan to decrease their workforce.

  Turnover 2008 Previous year
EUR less than for 2007 5,4 % (2,9%)
EUR the same as 2007 35,7% (27,1 %)
EUR greater than 2007 58,9% (70%)
  Personnel 2008 Previous year
EUR Less than for 2007 1,5% (2,2%)
EUR the same as 2007 61,5% (59,3 %)
EUR greater than 2007 36,9% (38,5%)

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