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The Helsinki Boat Afloat Show 20.-23.8. is now been organised for the twelfth time at the yacht club HSK in the suburb of Lauttasaari. All in all, the 32nd Helsinki Boat Afloat Show organised by Finnboat again occupies almost all of the jetties with boats and marine industry products. There are 285 boats on show (2008: 311), of which 44 are sailboats. 87 enterprises are displaying boating equipment and services on land-based stands covering an area of 2391 m2. A total of 143 exhibitors are participating (2008: 156) in the show.

Boat registrations on the domestic market down by 42% compared with last year. However, a change for the better occurred during the summer.

Figures for the domestic trade in boats can be based partly on the National Boat Register (registration is compulsory for boats with a 20 hp or bigger engine and/or for boats minimum 5,5 m in length). Compared with last year, registrations were down by 52% as late as April, though by the end of July they were down by 42%, indicating that the trend had bottomed out and a slight upturn had begun. During the period January-July 2009, a total of 3802 boats were registered (- 42,3% compared with year 2008). Currently, it is mandatory to register sailboats also. Between January and July, 148 new sailboats were registered (2008: 188).

The domestic trade in smallcraft that are not required to be registered is based mainly on Finnboat's wholesale delivery statistics. Craft excluded from the obligation to register include dinghies, rowing boats and generally boats below 4,5 meters. In this size class, 3712 boats were delivered during the period January to June. This is 31,5% less than for the corresponding period last year.

It can be ascertained that if the sales figures remain down by some 40% by the end of the year, the annual result will be about the same as for 2004. This is an indication of the strong growth of boat trade that has taken place in recent years.

Boat export figures mirror sales development on the domestic market

Customs statistics for the early part of the year 2009 (January-May) indicate that exports decreased by 55% in euro-value terms. According to the statistics, a total of 3860 boats (-42,7%) valued at EUR 74,5 million (-55%) were exported during the period in question.

The six main export destinations for January-May were as follows:

  million Euros units %
1. Norway 17,7 1324 - 54,20
2. Sweden 13,6 937 - 60,38
3. Russia 8,3 64 + 7,60
4. United Kingdom 6,2 101 - 35,00
5. Marshall Islands 5,6 1  
6. Malta 4,2 1  

In addition, export destinations valued at more than a million euros each were Germany, Denmark, France, the USA, Holland, Greenland and Greece.

Notable decline in boat imports also

For the period January to May 2009 boats were, in value terms, imported mostly from the USA (EUR 7,4m). The USA is a statistical exception in that US imports grew by 52%. Next was Great Britain (EUR 1,6m; -62%) and Italy (EUR 1,02m). In unit terms, most boats were imported from Sweden (209). During the period in question, a total of 743 boats (-62,7% compared with last year) were imported at a value of EUR 15,7 million (-47%).

Outboard engine sales

Compared with year 2008, wholesale deliveries of outboard engines during the period January-June have decreased overall by 46%. The figures also include re-exports to third countries. A total of 15,943 engines were delivered. The export share of total deliveries is 40,5%. On the domestic market 9491 engines were delivered, i.e. 45,6% less than for the corresponding period last year. Outboard engine statistics have been maintained since 1965.

Based on turnover data supplied by Finnboat member enterprises, aggregate turnover for the marine industry and trade for 2008 was approximately EUR 699,5 million (VAT 0%).

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