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Record number of sailboats on display at the Helsinki International Boat Show

After a few calmer years, the sailboat exhibition hall will once again be filled with hustle and bustle. More than a third of all the displayed boats will be models that have not been seen before at the Helsinki International Boat Show, and eight of these will be on show for the first time in Finland. No less than 21 boats on display at this year's yacht jetty. Although many of the exhibited sailboats are travel yachts, plenty of inexpensive boats, which are suitable for people getting started with sailing, will also be showcased at the Boat Show.

Some ocean-going yachts will also be exhibited. All of these beauties are well worth viewing, but visitors should especially go see the Danish-built Xc 38, which will be on show for the first time in Finland. The Estonian Saare 38 belongs to the same size category and will be exhibited for the first time ever at the Boat Show. This yacht could be considered part Finnish, as it was designed by Kamu Stråhlmann of Porvoo.

There's plenty for experienced yacht racers to see as well. Pietarsaari-based Finn Yachts will showcase two racer/cruiser models, the Finn Flyer 34 and 36, for the first time at the Boat Show. These yachts are equipped with all that's required for participation in an ocean yacht race, but also boast interiors that are suitable for travel yachting. Croatian yacht Salona 41 will be the biggest sailboat displayed at this year's Boat Show.

Dry-run lessons for wee skippers

The Finnish Sailing and Boating Association will set up a simulator to enable especially the youngest family members to give sailing a try without getting their feet wet. Different phases of sailing are replicated quite realistically with the simulator's electric rudder. The fun and instructive Sailing Maker simulator makes its Nordic début at the Helsinki International Boat Show.

In addition to the simulator, little skippers can get a feel for sailing at the children's pool of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Association (FSBA). The pool is intended for children aged between 3 and 10, and its optimist dinghy is stable and fully equipped. It is not possible to actually sail in the indoor pool, but the boat will be moved around by an instructor who will be constantly present to ensure safety. The FSBA section is a great place for both children and adults to get started with sailing and boating by learning about the different boat classes and their characteristics.

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