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Once again Helsinki Boat Afloat-Show fully occupies HSK's jetties in Lauttasaari

Free for publication on 15.08.2013 at 11.00 hrs

The Helsinki Boat Afloat Show is been organised for the sixteenth time at the Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) in the Helsinki suburb of Lauttasaari. All in all, the 36th floating boat show in Helsinki has again filled the jetties and land-based sites with boats and marine-industry products. There are 263 boats on show, of which 31 are sailboats. All land-based exhibition stands have been sold out. Altogether, 144 exhibitors are participating.

New boat registrations on the domestic market down from last year

Based on National Boat Register statistics, the number of boats subject to mandatory registration (i.e. over 20 hp; longer than 5,5m) can be considered a fair indication of total consumer sales. Accordingly, 2846 boats were registered by the end of July
(-22,1 %).

Domestic figures can also be determined in the light of wholesale delivery statistics. For the period Jan-June 2013, the wholesale delivery of small craft and motorboats indicated that, in unit terms, 22 % fewer boats than for 2012 were delivered on the domestic market. Figures provided by enterprises who participated in Finnboat's annual statistical analysis showed that 5337 boats were delivered in Finland during the same period.

Importers and manufacturers supplied to their sales networks 4895 boats in the class below 6 meters (-24 %) during the Jan-June period. In the 6-8 meter class, 379 boats were delivered (+1,6 %) and 39 boats in the 8-10m class (-29 %). In the largest category, i.e. boats over 10 meters, 24 were delivered (+33 %).
The above figures do not include sailboats. During the Jan-July period, 43 new sailboats were registered (-26 %).

Boat exports

For the period January to May, the value of Finnish Marine Industry exports fell by
19 % to EUR 58 million. The main export destinations were once again Norway and Sweden. In unit terms, total exports for the same period increased by 14,5 %.
Based on customs' statistics, altogether 4246 boats were exported during the period January-May.

Boat exports to the five main export destinations for January-May were as follows:

  m. Euro   units  
1. Norway 24,3 (+10,8 %) 1651 (+6 %)
2. Sweden 17,8 (+11,7 %) 1643 (+39 %)
3. Russia 5,4 (-33,0 %) 440 (-2,6 %)
4. Germany 2,5 (+62,0 %) 145 (-3,3 %)
5. France 1,5 (-33,1 %) 48 (+51 %)

Boat imports

For the January-May 2013 period, most boats imported (in value terms) came from Great Britain (i.e. 6,1 million Euro, +86 %), followed by France (1,3m euro, -33 %) and Sweden (1,1m euro, -3,2 %). For the same period, imported boats were valued at 19,3m euros (+12,3 %), comprising 1270 units (-6 %).

Outboard engines

Total wholesale deliveries of outboard engines for the Jan-June period increased by 23,8 % (domestic market and exports = 24864 units). Of these, 11,795 engines
(-0,3 %) were delivered on the domestic market.

Based on data supplied by Finnboat member enterprises, 2012 turnover for the marine industry and trade as a whole was approximately 478 m Euro (VAT 0%). Of this sum, industry exports accounted for some 179 m Euro.

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