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Lake Päijänne and Keitele

The Päijänne-Keitele national waterway stretches 400 km from the Lahti and Heinola area up to its upper water course in North Savo county. It has a surface area of 1,800 km2, and a shore length of 3,700 km. Lake Päijänne alone has over 980 islands to which one may go ashore. Besides innumerable natural havens, this lake region has over eighty purpose-built harbours, it has cave paintings which provide history and culture, and has National Park, canals, towns and villages.

The waterway starts at Lahti in the south and proceeds along Lake Vesijärvi to the Vääksy Canal to connect with Lake Päijänne which heads northwards to Jyväskylä. The route then continues north along the waters of Keitele to Viitasaari, or south-east for Suonenjoki instead. Alternatively, one could head east from Päijänne taking Lake Ruotsalainen for Heinola or taking Lake Majutvesi for Sysmä. The waterways are connected by easily navigable canals, the latest being the Keitele canal system which was constructed during this decade.

Boat Charter in Päijänne and Keitele:
Päijätmark Ky/Järvi-Suomen Venevuokraus, Jyväskylä