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The decision-making process

The Federation's supreme decision-making body is its general meeting which convenes twice annually. The right to vote at the general meeting of the Federation is exercised by elected representatives who have been chosen at the annual general meetings of their respective associations.

In addition to a chairman and two vice-chairmen, the board of directors comprises 13 regular members who represent the boards of the various member associations. The board of directors is responsible for tasks delegated at the meetings of the associations. The managing director of the Federation is subordinate to the board of directors and implements the tasks on behalf of the board. The managing director is assisted by an administrative manager and a project assistant. In addition to regular office duties, working groups organised by Finnboat carry out various assignments commissioned by member associations.

The Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat's board of directors for 2023

Chairman of the Board
Kim Koskinen, Vetus Oy

First Vice-Chairman
Kim Tigerstedt, Oy Maritim Ab

Second Vice-Chairman
Mikael Winqvist, AMT-Veneet Oy

Other board members
Anders Kurtén, Oy Baltic Yachts Ab
Artturi Niittynen, Inhan Tehtaat Oy Ab
Ben Fagerström, Oy Marino Ab
Jani Snell, Juha Snell Oy
Jari Löfroos, Finnmaster Boats Oy
Johan Carpelan, Oy Botnia Marin Ab
Joni Leeve, Leevene Oy
Juha Pulli, Nordec Nautic Oy
Juha Väyrynen, Bella-Veneet Oy
Markku Hämäläinen, Brandt Group
Risto Paronen, Lahden Bike Marine Oy
Terho Liukkonen, Suvi-Veneet Oy
Thomas Sarin, Ab Sarins Båtar Oy


Chairman of the Board Kim Koskinen, Vetus Oy