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Held for the tenth year in a row at Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) in the suburb of Lauttasaari and in celebration of its 30th year in all, the Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show will once again bring together a record number of boats and related products. Of the 304 boats on display, 65 are sailboats. Though enterprises were desirous to show close to 400 boats, it was not possible this year to organise additional space by the closing date.

The marine industry again records brisk first-half activity on the domestic market

Unit statistics for small craft and motorboats for the January-June period this year indicate that 11,8% more boats were sold on the domestic market than for the corresponding period in 2006. Based on statistics provided by Finnboat member enterprises, a total of 9973 boats were sold in Finland during the period in question.

This figure comprised 9062 boats below 6 meters (+9,9%), 713 boats (+24,4%) in the 6-8 meter class, and 158 boats in the 8-10 meter class (+71,7%). The largest category, i.e. boats over 10 meters, also registered powerful growth with the delivery of 40 units (+300%). These unit figures do not include sailboat deliveries, since such statistics are not available at this time of the year. In 2006, 137 new sailboats (over 30 feet) were sold in Finland.

Boat exports again show dramatic growth. In just four years, Russia has risen from virtually nothing to become the third most important export destination

In 2006, the value of boat exports increased by 56%. In the first half of 2007 (January-May), figures indicate that growth continues brisk. According to customs' statistics for the period, boat exports were valued at 112 million euros (+46%), i.e. comprising altogether 7696 units (+21%).

Boat exports to the top six countries for January-May were:
1. Norway 34,5 Million euros and 2581 units
2. Sweden 29,3 Million euros and 2603 units
3. Russia 9,2 Million euros and 360 units
4. UK 8,2 Million euros and 119 units
5. Italy 6,5 Million euros and 548 units
6. USA 6,0 Million euros and 14 units.

In addition, export destinations valued at more than one million euros were Germany, Denmark, Holland, Estonia, Greenland, Greece and Ireland.

Boat imports also record significant growth

In the period January-May 2007, most boats imported came from Great Britain on the basis of value (5,9 million euros), followed by Sweden (5,1 m euros) and France (2,4 m euros). In unit terms, most imported boats came from Sweden (280). During the period under review, a total of 1509 boats were imported (+9,6%) at a value of 28,1 million (+66,7%).

The trade in outboard engines

Likewise, wholesale deliveries of outboard engines increased considerably. Statistics for the first half of the year indicate a unit growth of 18,4%. In total, 25,871 engines were delivered. It is important to bear in mind that 6715 engines were re-exported to third countries, mainly Russia and the Baltic states, representing 25,9% of total deliveries. Outboard engines statistics have been kept since 1965 and based on the same measurement criteria have never exceeded 30,000 delivered engines. This figure may now indeed be exceeded. Of total engines sold, 71% were either four-stroke engines or low-emission, two-stroke engines.

Marine industry and trading turnover for 2006 was approximately 602 million euros (VAT 0%) based on figures supplied by Finnboat member enterprises. Of this, industry exports were valued at around 256 million euros.

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