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Exhibition space at the Helsinki Boat Afloat Show again sold out

The Helsinki Boat Afloat Show will now be organised for the eleventh time at the
Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) in the suburb of Lauttasaari. All and all the 31th Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show shows again a large variety of boats, engines and boating equipment. There are 311 boats on display, including 60 sailboats. All exhibition space at the show has been sold out.

Consumer sales slow down on the domestic market

Boat trade in Finland has grown for fourteen years in succession with an increase in domestic turnover of 38% last year. Retail trade is now showing signs of easing off.

The domestic figures can firstly be examined in the light of wholesale delivery statistics. Unit statistics for small craft and motorboats for the January - June period this year indicate that the total number of boats delivered on the domestic market was virtually the same as for 2007 (+0,1%). Based on statistics provided by Finnboat member enterprises, a total of 10,224 boats were sold in Finland during the period in question.

On the domestic market, 8712 boats below 6 meters were delivered (-3,9%), 907 boats in the 6 - 8 meter class (+26,9%) and 211 boats in the 8-10 meter class (+32,7%). In the largest category, i.e. boats over 10 meters, 53 units were delivered (+29,3%). These unit figures do not include the sale of sailboats, since such statistics are not available at this time of the year. In 2007, 144 new sailboats (over 27 ft.) were sold in Finland.

The domestic trade indicator, i.e. an aggregate of boat registers maintained by administrative councils, appears to indicate a little over ten percent decrease in the registration of new boats by the end of June. During the exceptionally rainy month of July the number of registrations clearly declined. However, in the light of comments provided by dealers, boat sales picked-up rather well in August.

Boat exports again showed a positive development at the beginning of the year. Traditional export destinations have held their ground. After many years of rapid growth, Russia recorded a decline.

In 2007, the total value of boat exports increased by a moderate 5,6%. In the early part of 2008 (customs' authority statistics for January-May) the figures again indicate a positive development. According to statistics supplied by customs for the above period, boats to the value of 124,4 million euros (+16%) were exported, i.e. altogether 7493 units.

Boat exports to the top six countries for the January-May period were as follows:

1. Norway 38,6 m euros 2427 units +11,9%
2. Sweden 34,4 m 2613 +17,4%
3. Italy 13 m 463 +99,4%
4. UK 9,6 m 102 +16,3%
5. Russia 7,7 m 388 -19,9%
6. The Netherlands 3,8 m 177 +98,1%

In addition, export destinations valued at more than one million euros each were Germany, Denmark, USA, Estonia, Greenland, Greece and France.

Boat imports also show a positive development at the beginning of the year

For the period January to May 2008, most boats imported (i.e. on the basis of monetary value) came from the USA (4,9 m euros) followed by Great Britain (4,3 m) and France (4,2 m). In unit terms, most of the boats imported came from Sweden (438 units). Altogether, 1994 boats (+32%) were imported during the January - May period at a value of 30,1 m euros (+7,3%).

Outboard engine sales

Total wholesale deliveries of outboard engines have continued to increase this year, recording a growth of 15,3%. The figures include a very rapid growth in re-exports. Altogether, 29,841 engines were delivered during the January - June period. The export share of total deliveries was 41%. On the domestic market 17,439 engines were delivered which is 8,9% less than the corresponding period last year. Outboard engine statistics have been kept from the year 1965 and based on the same measurement criteria the 30,000 limit was exceeded for the first time last year.

Based on figures supplied by Finnboat member enterprises, marine industry and trading turnover for 2007 was around 672 million euros (VAT 0%). Of this sum, marine industry exports were valued at some 271 million euros.

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