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Helsinki International Boat Show - Now serving boaters even more!

Finland's biggest boat exhibition and marine-themed leisure time event, the Helsinki International Boat Show, will take place at the Helsinki Fair Centre on 13-21 February 2010. Over 300 companies will once again come to the fair to display their brand-new boating products, services and supplies.

Boat maintenance and storage, hoisting and transport are, together with insurance and seaworthiness inspections, matters that every boater has to deal with. Demand for boating services has increased, and these services have also become more sophisticated at the same time. Various service alternatives will now be displayed more prominently than before alongside other product novelties at the Helsinki International Boat Show. Information on, for example, boat sharing and boat charter services as well as on boat brogerage will be available.

Diverse route planning services make boating more rewarding in every sense. New software provides boaters with the opportunity to enhance safety while easily planning alternative routes. Nautics Oy will be exhibiting its brand-new route planner, which, in addition to including the same data as existing programs, takes into consideration the boat's own technical specifications, weather conditions and even the availability of fresh fish at different harbours!

Venehotelli Inkoo is introducing multi-storey boat storage facilities to Finland. This is a new way to store your boat in winter or in summer. "The idea originates in the USA, where boat owners have long since realised that appropriate storage reduces wear and tear and thus also saves money," says Joel Nemes, the man behind the new boat hotel. Located 55 km from the centre of Helsinki, the hotel focuses on storing motorboats that are between 5 and 10.5 metres long. "The boats will be kept in a heated hall and stacked into a five-storey storage shelf, from where they can be extracted in about five minutes."

Leevene has repaired over 3,500 boats over the last 25 years, accumulating an abundance of expertise on how to salvage damaged vessels. "We specialise in repairing reinforced plastic boats. Our repair shop can handle damages caused by running aground, collisions and docking mishaps as well as by storms, vandalism, abrasion and fire," says Leevene representative Juha Nieminen, who will be exhibiting the firm's repair and maintenance services at the Boat Show.

Great stories to stoke your travel fever

An overseas sailing trip need not be a distant dream, nor is lack of experience an insurmountable obstacle. Boats and crews, whose experience you can rely on, are available for hire. "A boating holiday is a fun alternative to the traditional trip to the Mediterranean beaches. The weekly rate of a three-cabin yacht, which is suitable for the average family, begins at about EUR1,000," says Esa Kalervo, owner of the Baltic Cruising agency.
"We especially recommend that our customers engage the services of a local skipper who'll have information about places, which the common tourist wouldn't dare even dream of. Baltic Cruising annually takes over one hundred Finns to the southern seas. The Boat Show's new Travel Minitheatre section will focus on travel trips and services for boaters.

The Helsinki International Boat Show, sometimes referred to as a giant boating super-store, will this year feature an impressive array of boats, engines, boating supplies and electronics as well as presentations of a diverse range of marine-themed hobbies. The drafting of the Boat Show's programme is progressing at full throttle and visitors can once again look forward to a grand season opening, which will fill the halls of the Helsinki Fair Centre.
"In spite of the challenging economic situation, the boating sector continues to invest heavily in the main event of the season. We hope that visitors will, before they come to the fair, take the time to check out the wide range of exhibits and programme items on offer at the Boat Show through, for example, the event website. The abundant and high-quality programme, which is drafted in cooperation with exhibitors, will serve the interests of boaters in many ways," says Sales Manager Minna Lahin of the Finnish Fair Corporation.

The 2010 Helsinki International Boat Show - Vene 10 Båt - Finland's biggest nautical event, takes place at the Helsinki Fair Centre on 13-21 February 2010. The Helsinki International Boat Show is being organised by the Finnish Fair Corporation on behalf of the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat.

Fair open from 11 am to 7 pm Mon-Fri (opening hours extended to 9 pm on Thu 18 Feb) and from 10 am to 6 pm Sat-Sun (10 am to 5 pm on Sun 21 Feb).
Admission restricted to boating industry professionals and media representatives from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday 12 Feb. The main cooperation partner of the 2010 Helsinki International Boat Show is Volvo.

Further information on the Boat Show:
Finnish Fair Corporation, Communications Officer Petra Samppa, tel. +358 (0)9 150 9380,

Further information on the industry: Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat, Managing Director Jouko Huju, tel. +358 (0)9 6962 1610,