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The ten products chosen to participate in the final for the 2010 Boating Product of the Year award are on display at the south entrance to the boat show. Boating Product of the Year will be chosen by visitors to the show. Visitors can vote for the best product up to 1900 hours on Friday 19.2. To take part, fill in the competition coupon which is available at the south entrance hall or on the internet at

The winner of the Boating Product of the Year 2010 award will be announced on Saturday 20.2 at 1400 hours. All those who return the coupon will be eligible to participate in a lottery with a Terhi Moomin boat as the prize.

The Boating Product of the Year competition is organised by the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat ry and commissioned by the Finnish Marine Equipment Suppliers' Association.

Finalists for the Boating Product of the Year 2010 award are as follows (in random order):

NAVILIGHT LED reserve navigation light
An easily affixed, battery-operated LED navigation light with low energy consumption. Highly adaptable for a variety of needs, the light is ideal as a reserve navigation light for large boats or a main navigation light for small boats and canoes. The light enhances boating safety when travelling during darkness in all waterways. Importer: Maritim Oy, stand 5c3.

ANTAL Low Friction ring
This simple innovation is an alternative to traditional turning blocks. It is weight saving and improves the functionality of deck hardware making it possible to adopt more diverse sail configurations at a favourable cost. Importer: Marnela Oy, stand 5a3.

NO TOOL boat-cover frame
This highly-durable cover frame requires no tools to assemble, making the tedious process of winter docking easier. An extensive product range means that a solution can be found for boats of various sizes. Representative: Marnela Oy, stand 5a3.

MESITEK teak-style decking solution
Due to its high-resistance to wear-and-tear and maintenance-free attributes, this Finnish-made, compact high-pressure laminate is ideal for boat decks and various flat-surface solutions. The non-slip, surface grooving increases traction for deck shoes in wet conditions. This decking solution is an ecological alternative to real teak. Mesitek Oy.

DAN-FENDER Dock Fender
A fender that can be firmly-affixed to the jetty to prevent scratches to boat hulls when docking or surface abrasions arising from the effect of wind or waves when berthed. The fender is also suitable for installing on mooring booms or on the corners of jetties. Representative: Multimarine Oy, stand 5e17

HENRI-LLOYD Blue Eco range of foul-weather clothing
Blue Eco is the first foul-weather clothing manufactured from fully-recyclable material. It is sold through authorised dealers to whom used garments can be returned for recycling. Importer: Sail Tech J. Herrala Oy, stand 5a17.

HARKEN Radial winches
This new generation of user- and line-friendly winches is designed with modern sailboats in mind. The upper side of the winch does not rotate with the drum thereby preventing the operator's fingers from getting caught between the drum and the top. When upgrading to power units, these radial winches are technically less bothersome than previous solutions. Importer: Sail Tech J. Herrala Oy, stand 5a17.

TALLON SYSTEMS mounting system
A versatile accessory- and equipment-mounting system comprising a receiver platform to which various marine accessories can be attached. The Tallon system's wide selection of accessories makes it possible to equip a boat to meet specific operational needs at any time. Representative: MarineMan Oy, stand 4d5.

McMURDO Fast Find 210 personal location beacon
A personal GPS location beacon which, when activated, utilises the emergency COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue satellite communications network. Enhanced personal safety on land, at sea, and in the air improves the rescuer's chances to locate the required target. Importer: Furuno Finland Oy, stand 5d3.

GROCO SSA monitoring system for seawater circulation in engines
A new engine alarm system that contributes to trouble-free, safe boating. When the engine temperature rises, the system sends an alert signal earlier than traditional gauges thereby preventing serious engine damage or the development of an emergency situation. Representative: Oy Kaha Ab, stand 5f3.