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A wide selection of marine-industry products again on display at the Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show

The Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show is organised now for the fourteenth time at the Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) in the suburb of Lauttasaari. Altogether, the 34th boat-afloat show in Helsinki displays a record number of boats and industry-related products. There are 295 boats on show (+5 %), of which 49 are sailboats (+29 %). All boat berths have been sold out. In all, there are 158 exhibitors (+13,7 %).

Consumer sales indicate modest growth on the domestic market

A general view of total consumer sales can be ascertained by first checking the number of boats that are subject to mandatory registration (i.e. over 20 hp; over 5,5 m). According to National Boat Register statistics, 3475 boats were registered this year by the end of July (+3 %).

Domestic sales figures can also be determined in the light of wholesale delivery statistics. For the period Jan-June, data for small craft and motorboats indicated that in unit terms fewer boats were delivered on the domestic market than for the previous year (-11,3 %). Based on figures provided by enterprises who participated in Finnboat's annual statistical analysis, 5527 boats were delivered in Finland during the same period.

During the Jan-June period, importers and manufacturers supplied to sales networks 4997 boats below 6 meters (-13,1 %). In the 6-8 meter class, 451 boats were delivered (+15,7 %) and 65 boats in the 8-10m class (+1,5 %). In the largest category, i.e. boats over 10 meters, 14 units were delivered (-41,6 %).
The above mentioned figures do not include sailboats. During the period Jan-June, 81 new sailboats were registered (+10,9 %).

Boat exports

For the Jan-May period, the value of Finnish Marine Industry exports increased by 17,6 % to reach Eur 77,7 million. The main export destinations are once again Sweden and Norway. In unit terms, total exports for the same period increased by 12,9 %. Based on customs authority statistics, 4706 boats were exported during the period Jan-May.

Boat exports to the five main export destinations for Jan-May were as follows:

1. Sweden 31,1 m Eur (+29,9 %) and 1652 units
2. Norway 25,9 m Eur (+14,8 %) and 1896 units
3. Germany 2,0 m Eur (+4,8 %) and 176 units
4. Russia 1,9 m Eur (+186,7 %) and 314 units
5. UK 1,9 m Eur (+0,8 %) and 58 units.

Brisk growth in boat imports

For the Jan-May period 2011, most boats imported (in value terms) came from Great Britain, i.e. 10,5 m Eur, +691 %, followed by France (2,8m Eur, +65,7 %) and Sweden (1,07 m Eur, -43,8 %). In unit terms, most boats were imported from the USA (131 boats). During the review period, a total of 1088 boats were imported (+45,6 %) at a value of 24,9 m Eur (+110,9 %).

Outboard engine deliveries also record strong growth

Total wholesale deliveries of outboard engines for the Jan-June 2011 period also registered strong growth. Altogether, 13,483 engines (+25,6 %) were delivered on the domestic market. Based on economic regions, Helsinki and Uusimaa provinces are once again the most significant regions, taking up 2523 engines. Varsinais-Suomi came second with 1231 engines with Etelä-Karjala rising to third place (i.e. 1192 engines).

Based on data supplied by Finnboat member enterprises, 2010 turnover for the marine industry and trade as a whole was approximately 504 m Eur (VAT 0%). Of this sum, industry exports accounted for some 161 m Euro.

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