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The Helsinki International Boat Show nominated the recipients of its traditional boat awards. The Xp 33 was crowned Sailboat of the Show. Motor Boats of the Show competed in three categories, with the Yamarin Cross 49 BR winning the title of best open motor boat, the Flipper 640 ST being awarded the nomination for shuttle and picnic boat and the Grandezza 33 OC that of cabin cruiser. This was the 15th time the Motorboat and Sailboat of the Show were nominated.

Three finalists contested the title of Sailboat of Show, with the Xp 33 being nominated best sail boat of the Helsinki International Boat Show. The boat is a high-quality, high-performing racer that is also fantastic for family boating with a sporty twist. The boat is light yet rigid, modern and both challenging and rewarding to handle.

For the first time this year, the title of best motor boat was awarded in three categories, with from three to five finalists in each.

The winner of the Motorboat of Show - Open Motorboat was the Yamarin Cross 49 BR, whose modern and sheltered cabin takes comfort to a new level in a small console boat. The jury was also taken with the boat's moderate recommended engine power and simple, yet sturdy hull structure.

The Flipper 640 ST was nominated Motorboat of the Show - Shuttle and Picnic Boats. The boat is a modern take on the classic hard top and is perfect for a family day cruiser. The boat's passenger area features modern design and new, functional solutions in the use of space.

The winner of the Motorboat of the Show - Cabin cruiser was the Grandezza 33 OC. According to the jury, the boat has everything a cabin cruiser needs. The Grandezza is a classy, high-quality boat with highly successful use of space. Two large sleeping cabins, excellent sanitary facilities and a passenger area that can be protected or opened according to need, thanks to the large top hatch and easy-to-use canopy, make for a highly functional boat.

The nominations of the Motorboat of Show and the Sail Boat of Show seek to advance the boating industry's development and give credit to companies for successful product development. The jury consisted of Senior Scientist Markku Hentinen from VTT, Vene magazine reporter Pasi Nuutinen, chief editor Vesa Leppä of Kippari magazine, Team Manager Kimmo Patrakka from Trafi, chief editor of Venemestari magazine Jan Sjölund and chief editor of Frisk Bris magazine Kari Wilén.

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Sailboat of Show XP 33: CEO Robi Gripenberg, X-Yachts Finland Oy, tel. +358 40 414 2545
Motorboat of Show Yamarin Cross 49 BR: Product Development and Production Manager Peter Krusberg, Konekesko Oy, tel. +358 500 409 643
Day Cruiser of Show Flipper 640 ST: CEO Raimo Sonninen, Bella Boats Oy, tel. +358 400 672 414
Cabin Cruiser of Show Grandezza 33 OC: CEO Osmo Roukala, Oy Finn-Marin Ltd, tel. +358 400 562 008