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Finnboat's new service totality - Condition Appraisal

Finnboat's new service totality - Condition Appraisal - provides all boat owners with an opportunity to check the seaworthiness and overall condition of their boats.

Currently, there are more than 800,000 boats in Finland. Of these, some 160,000 are subject to mandatory registration, i.e. boats that are equipped with at least 20 hp engines or are at least 5,5 meters long. About 23,000 boats are registered with boat clubs and are consequently inspected annually. However, a tremendous number of the nation's boat stock remains outside any inspection system. A boat in poor condition is a danger to its operator and to the boat itself.

A new programme of instruction for Condition Appraisers, developed over recent years, has just started-up in January 2014. The project, initiated and managed by the Association of Finnish Boat Yards, has been developed jointly with boat specialists at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). Boat fitters and other experts with at least three years experience in maintenance activities in a Finnboat member enterprise can function as condition appraisers.

The course deals with the vital structures, components and equipment utilised in boats. Condition appraisal is an exact process with a specific format and is backed by net-based software that has been developed by Finnboat. On completion of an appraisal, the client directly receives a condition report.

The system involves an annual condition appraisal of the hull and various totalities that crucially influence safety. These essential totalities, are, e.g. inspection of the hull and associated structures (i.e. dry-docking cradle, underside, sides, rudder, zinc anodes, keel and keel joints); deck condition and its watertight status (i.e. deck, deck fittings, rigging screws, mooring cleats, hatches and windows); access ducts (untreated water intake, grey-water outlet); installations (stanchions, cables, grab handles, steering, engine installation, gas installation, cooking stove, heating appliance, keel bolts); mandatory equipment and various other pieces of equipment. If necessary, the condition appraiser can also consult with other experts, e.g. on matters concerning the engine.

Depending on the size of the boat, appraisal of its condition takes between 0,5 - 2 hours and is undertaken on the basis that the boat is otherwise out of the water for repairs or for winter docking.

Condition appraisal is highly suitable, for example, in sales and purchase situations and should the owner do it on an annual basis, in practice all insurance companies offer the same discount that is available to boats inspected for boat club members.

The right to appraise is valid for two years at a time. It can be extended provided the condition appraiser has participated in further training at least once a year during which time he covers new repair techniques, developments in specific product groups, and shares experiences acquired during the previous period of appraisals.
At this stage, some 50 professions in the field have gone through the condition appraisal course. The next course is scheduled for March this year. Contact details for certified condition appraisers can be found at

For further information, please contact:
CEO Jouko Huju
Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat ry
Käenkuja 8 A 47, 00500 Helsinki
tel. +358 40 550 9310