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Boaters already have the upcoming boating season and purchases in mind

The Helsinki International Boat Show Vene 18 Båt gathered 64,500 visitors to the Messukeskus in Helsinki during ten days 9th to 18th of February 2018. The largest boating event in Northern Europe is arranged in Helsinki and is commercially very good. This year boat sales were made at the same rate as in previous years, and the coming weeks will show the actual sales numbers. Last year more boats were bought in the capital city region than before and we believe the growth will continue this year also.

The Boat Show is a very important meeting place for boaters. People come to the Show to spend time, dream, and gather experiences. Almost everyone at the Show is considering their future purchases. The Boat Show raises the level of enthusiasm for boating and inspires purchases both at the Show and afterwards.

"According to boat representatives business went well at the Show this year. In addition to smaller boats, now there were bigger luxury yachts than ever before as well as the magnificent Swan. The companies in the industry have made a magnificent and top notch event even on an international scale," says Finnboat Inc.'s CEO Jarkko Pajusalo. "Real buyers have been on the move. Purchasing decisions have been made quickly both in equipment and boat sales, so the revival of the economy can be seen at the Show.

Boats represented by Yamaha have been sold at the same rate as last year at the Show. "The next two weeks will show what kind of final numbers we will get to," says sales manager Pekka Honkanen of the Finnish subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. "We have sold Finnish Yamarin, Yamarin Cross, Buster, Finnmaster, and TG as well as Zodiac-rib boats in every size class with Yamaha outboard motors. All in all the Show has gone well and we have reached the right kinds of visitors."

Bo Warelius, who represents boating equipment and accessories, was also satisfied with the Show sales. "This year we clearly sold more than last year. A record number of quality boating clothes, especially from Musto, have been sold."

The capital city region as a draw for boating

A little over half of the Boat Show visitors came from the capital city region. According to the Trafi statistics, last year noticeably more boats were sold in the capital city region than the previous year. "Up to 24% more boats were sold to Espoo. This growth is noteworthy and tells about the change in the economic situation in the capital city region. People dare to buy boats now and invest in spending leisure time on the water. In sales statistics Helsinki is in first place and Espoo rose to number two," rejoices Pajusalo.

Most of the visitors are boaters

According to the visitor survey done by Kantar TNS, 86% of the visitors were boaters. As many as 92% of visitors were satisfied with the Show's offering and 91% said they would either probably or certainly return next year. Over half the visitors came to look especially at motorboats (62%). 22% of the visitors came to look at sailboats. Boating equipment and accessories interested every other visitor (52%). According to the visitor survey 18% of the visitors were considering the purchase of a motorboat this year. Boating equipment and accessories were by far the most sold thing of the Boat Show (59%). 300 Show visitors participated in the survey.

The 2018 Helsinki International Boat Show was held from 9 to 18 February 2018 at Messukeskus Helsinki. Messukeskus Helsinki organised the largest boating event in Northern Europe, the Helsinki International Boat Show 2018, commissioned by the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat for the 49th time. There were 540 boats on display this year, 316 companies participated in the Show, and over 25,300 square meters of space were used. The Boat Show's main partner is Volvo Car Finland Oy Ab.

The Helsinki International Boat Show 2018 supported the protection of the Baltic Sea

The 2019 Helsinki International Boat Show Vene 19 Båt will be held from 8 to 17 February 2019 at Messukeskus Helsinki.

Further information: Teija Armanto, Messukeskus Communications Officer, tel. +358 (0)50 376 0804,
CEO Jarkko Pajusalo, Finnboat ry, tel. +358 (0)40 673 4032,

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