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Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat elects Kim Koskinen as Chairman

The Finnih Marine Industries Federation Finnboat has elected Kim Koskinen, Country Manager of the company Vetus Oy, as its new chairman of the board.

Mr. Koskinen has worked in the boating industry since 2002, starting out then with the company Vator Oy before changing to Vetus Oy in 2009. He has been actively involved in the operations of Finnboat since 2009 and has a long background as a board member in the federation as well as in the Finnish Marine Suppliers' Association.

Kim Tigerstedt, Managing Director of Maritim, continues as Finnboat's 1stVice Chairman and Mikael Winqvist, Managing Director of the boat manufacturer AMT Boats as 2ndVice Chairman.

The other Board members are Johan Carpelan (Targa Boats/Botnia Marin), Ben Fagerström (Marino Boats), Markku Hämäläinen (Honda, Yanmar and Torqeedo importer Oy Otto Brandt Ab), Anders Kurtén (Oy Baltic Yachts Ab), Joni Leeve (Yacht Repair and Service Leevene), Terho Liukkonen (Suvi Boats), Jari Löfroos (Finnmaster and Grandezza Boats), Risto Paronen (Boat dealership Lahden Bike Marine), Juha Pulli (Boat importer Nordec Nautic), Thomas Sarin (Sargo Boats/Sarins Båtar), Jani Snell (Faster Boats/Juha Snell) and Juha Väyrynen (Bella, Flipper and Aquador Boats).

Mikael Winqvist continues as Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Boating Industry Association, and Kim Koskinen as Board Chairman of the Finnish Marine Equipment Suppliers Association. Juha Pulli serves as Chairman of the Finnish Marine Retailers' Association in 2020, and Joni Leeve continues as Chairman of the Association of Finnish Boat Yards in 2020.

The boat industry is a significant employer in Finland: The companies in the field directly employ 3,500 people, while the total employment effect lies between 4,000 and 6,000 people. Boat building is going strong in Finland, unlike in the other Nordic countries. In the previous year, as much as 76 per cent of Finnish production was exported elsewhere.