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People come to boat shows to see new boats, and equipment and accessories for boating and water sports. For many, the boat show is a place to see other like-minded people, to plan the coming boating season and to find inspiration. The exciting experiences and fun associated with boating and water sports are strongly present. The Vene 20 Båt Helsinki International Boat Show, to be held at Messukeskus Helsinki from 7 to 16 February 2020, will offer something to every boater and everyone using waterways in one way or another. This year, the fair will arrange for the first time special programme for those interested in boating who want to start boating.

The Vene 20 Båt Boat Show is the largest boating event in northern Europe. Over 10 days, the Boat Show is visited by over 65,000 boaters and active waterway users every year. There will be about 300 exhibitors, providing the boaters information about boating, selecting a boat, boat maintenance, and boating destinations and opportunities. The Purjehdussatama area will tell stories about sailing and provides information on the status of the Baltic Sea. The role of fishing is increasing in the Uusi Aalto (New Wave) area year after year. This year's rising water sports include particularly diving and SUP boarding.

In addition to boaters, the Boat Show welcomes everyone interested in boating. For the first time, there will be a special programme package for them on Sunday 9 February at 10−12 am, aimed at attracting new people to boating. The programme will be released in early January and, it can be attended by the first 100 people to register.

All seven exhibition halls of Messukeskus in use

The two largest halls (Halls 6 and 7) will accommodate about 500 new boats and the programme areas Purjehdussatama and Totalveneen Messi, where boating stories are heard and the opportunities of boating are presented. The Uusi Aalto area and fishing will fill up two of the downstairs halls (Halls 1 and 2) with four different pools and one programme stand. The hall next to these halls (Hall 3) will feature such things as piers, trailers and services. In the upstairs halls (Halls 4 and 5), you will find accessories, equipment and electronics, the programme area Venemestarin Telakka, the programme stand of the Finnish Sailing Federation, the class-specific associations and the Gear Market.

Information packages for motor boaters

The newest boat models will be showcased in the Totalveneen Messi area, which also provides information on such matters as various types of motorboats, day-trip destinations in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the new Water Transport Act.

In the shipyard area Venemestarin Telakka, two boats, the Windy 31 Tornado motorboat and With 400 Vitting day sailer, will be renovated. In the shipyard area you can follow different work performances: installing a heater, repairing the bottom of a boat, painting and applying ceramic coating on a boat's sides, changing of rubbing strakes and fender lists, and installing of a synthetic teak flooring and decking. Venemestarin Telakka will also provide information on different docking options, electrical safety, condition appraisal of second-hand boats, damage repairs and upholstery courses.

Sailing stories, racing news and Baltic Sea protection

At the Boat 20 Båt Boat Show, you can hear stories about sailing adventures, sailing projects and yacht racing. Purjehdussatama will bring sailors together and give you an opportunity to discuss about and plan your future sailings. For many years, the Boat Show has been following the adventures of sailors Ari Huusela, Tapio Lehtinen, Tuomo Meretniemi and Kari "Ruffe" Nurmi on the seven seas, and this year is no exception. The Purjehdussatama area will again focus on the situation of the Baltic Sea and our personal responsibility. The Zer°emission racing boat, to be anchored in Satama, is showing an example on how to take care of the sea environment. The boat is one of the biggest sailboats ever showcased at the Boat Show. The Finnish Fair Foundation will award its Save the Baltic Sea Prize on Friday 14 February, when the Purjehdussatama area will address environmental protection issues also in a larger scale. The yacht racing evening will be held on Thursday 13 February 2020, and both Sundays, 9 and 16 February, will be family days.

Together out onto the waters and to the Gear Market with the Finnish Sailing Federation

The Finnish Sailing Federation will offer daily programme on its own stand. The service point will provide information on, for example, the federation's activities, boat inspections and training. The children's world will offer activities for children and, at the pool, you can compete with radio-controlled boats. On weekends from Friday to Sunday, the stand will have programme around different themes.

The boaters' Gear Market will be open on Fridays 11am−7pm, on Saturdays 10am−6pm, on Sundays 10am−6pm and from Monday to Thursday 3−7pm. If you have boating equipment and accessories in good condition that you no longer need, you can bring them to the Gear Market for sale. The 30% commission collected on any items sold will be directed in full to the promising young talents of Sailing Team Finland, who will be busy working in the Gear Market throughout the Boat Show.

Fishing, scuba diving and SUP boarding

The Uusi Aalto area filled with new experiences will introduce at the Vene 20 Båt Boat Show various activities for the public to try. In addition to the Uusi Aalto pool, the area will feature a SUP test pool, a Lowrance Live Stage fishing area and two diving pools - a new aquarium-style SSD pool and a circular diving pool where the public can test diving. All these venues offer programme every day. The new host for the Uusi Aalto pool is Alex Haley and the fishing host is Mikko "Peltsi" Peltola.

Fishing has taken up an even bigger part of the Uusi Aalto area than before. Fully equipped fishing boats to be showcased by the Uusi Aalto pool include the Buster M, Buster XL (displayed for the first time), Buster Cabin and Garmin Tracker Pro Guide V-175 Combo. At the Boat Show, you can meet a large number of fishing guides and personalities, who will share their fishing tips daily at Uusi Aalto programme venues. The new Artisanal Market will sell unique jerkbaits for pike, wobblers, fishing rods and sea trout lures, among other things. During the Boat Show on the Kalastajan Kanava stand, you also have a chance to meet many artisans, presenting and selling their masterpieces.

For the first time, the Boat Show will feature an SSD (Sea Safety Diving) pool, built specifically for this event, to showcase diving as a hobby. The audience can follow underwater shows and presentations of scuba diving courses through the large windows of the pool. At the pool, there will also be presentations about snorkeling, with young snorkelers shooting underwater bubble guns and riding scooters. The use of popular full-face snorkel masks will also be presented at the Boat Show. The more than 2 metres deep SSD pool will also have a mermaid school. Mermaid swimming, a new water sports in Finland, will be presented by the Mermaid Riia and little mermaids. At the Boat Show, you can also hear a presentation of free diving by Johanna Nordblad. VR glasses will also offer virtual dives into the underwater world.

Erimover will organise versatile SUP boarding programme every day, including SUP exercise classes that can be attended by the public. In addition, will offer the audience an opportunity to test all SUP boards in shallow water in a 30 metres long test pool.

Charity tickets to the Boat Show!

This year, the Boat Show is partnered with the #MEIDÄNMERI, #OURSEA, campaign. You can buy a #MEIDÄNMERI ticket to the Boat Show online in advance and thus donate three euros to the protection of the Baltic Sea through the John Nurminen Foundation. In addition to the John Nurminen Foundation, the campaign is also supported by Moomin Characters. If bought in advance, the charity tickets will cost 17 euros and during the event 20 euros. They are only available at the online shop [HREF= )]

Vene 20 Båt - Helsinki International Boat Show, the largest boating event in northern Europe, will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki from 7 to 16 February 2020. The event is open on weekdays from 11 am to 7 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm.

Admission tickets can be purchased in advance at Group tickets (min. 10 persons) will cost €10/person when purchased in advance by 6 February (€12/person during the event). The lowest ticket price for adults when purchased in advance is €16 (€19 during the event). Other ticket prices and additional information

The Vene 20 Båt Boat Show is organised by Messukeskus and commissioned by the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat. The event partners include Mercedes-Benz and the #MEIDÄNMERI, #OURSEA, campaign.

Further information: Teija Armanto, Communications Officer, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, tel. +358 50 376 0809