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Icomia ja European Boating Industry Association ovat yhdessä tuottaneet oppaan, joka auttaa ymmärtämään huvivenedirektiivin sisältöä. PDF-version voit ladata alla olevasta linkistä. Alla oleva juttu selventää missä muodossa opasta on saatavissa.

Myös maahantuojien on tärkeää tutustua velvollisuuksiin ja vastuisiin, joita markkinoille saattajalla on. Lähiaikoina ilmestyy myös englanninkielinen standardikokoelma, joka tulee olemaan kaikkien saatavissa kohtuuhintaan.

Boating professionals: Did you know EU rules on boats, engines and components have changed? Available on the App Store.

This new guide provides you with all you need to know to safely manufacture, import, distribute and sell your products on the EU single market, EEA and Switzerland. The guide is available as an App for iPad and PDF.

The new EU directive 2013/53/EU on recreational craft entered into force in January 2014. Between 18 January 2016 and 17 January 2017, companies can place on the EU market products compliant with both the old and new rules.

As of 18 January 2017 only products, namely boats, personal watercraft, engines and certain components, in line with the new Directive will be accepted.

To help you understand the new EU rules applying to manufacturers but also private and commercial importers, and distributors, European Boating Industry and ICOMIA have prepared a dedicated guide, explaining the new EU rules.

It presents in a simple manner the main changes, compared to the previous directives, and takes you through various obligations you may have, depending on whether you are a manufacturer, an importer or a distributor.

Our publication may also be a useful tool for potential buyers to make sure the product they plan to acquire is safe, clean and compliant with EU rules.

Available as a tablet application (iPad App, with a possible Android App version in 2015) and a standard PDF, the guide includes a ”quick version” to check formal compliance, particularly useful for distributors or buyers, and the ”long guide” which provides detailed information, especially recommended for manufacturers, authorised representatives, commercial and private importers.

Detailed chapters cover the New Legal Framework, the main changes in the essential safety and environmental requirements, the conformity assessment procedures for certification and CE-marking, market surveillance and special cases.

The Appendix I offers a comparative table of the Directive’s Annex I showing for each requirement the current text, the new one and the corresponding harmonised standard to benefit from presumption of conformity.

The Appendix II is the full text of the new EU directive. To help companies master many standards applying to boatbuilding, a CD-Rom containing over 50 harmonised standards will be soon available in English at an affordable price.

The guide also provides you with links to many online resources: the list of competent national authorities in the EU/EEA, the list of notified bodies able to perform the certification of products, a recommended template for the EU Declaration of Conformity and links to the EU consumer legislation.

You can also test your knowledge of the new directive by taking our fun quiz (15 questions) on


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