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A brand new International Council of Marine Industry Associations’ (ICOMIA) Technical Bulletin which provides industry stakeholders with a short summary of the current and upcoming technical matters affecting the recreational craft industry. For up to date technical (yet understandable) information on the latest technical issues relevant to you as an industry professional, download the Technical Bulletin from the ICOMIA Library, for free.

Topics covered in this first edition include

•The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), which will become applicable from 18 January 2016. A new comprehensive RCD Guide has been developed by EBI and ICOMIA which is now available as a PDF or iPad App.
•The Declaration of Conformity, needed to show compliance of products with the RCD.
•Craft Identification Number (CIN) and Builders plate changes
•Design and manufacturing contract checklist, including items to be considered for inclusion in contracts or agreements which may help prevent later disputes
•ISO TC 188 Small craft standards, consult for updates and standards under revision by the ISO technical committee
•Global Conformity Guidelines, which help to bridge the gap between ISO standards (CE/Europe) and ABYC standards (US coastguard/USA), essential knowledge for exporters
•Large Yacht Standards
•International Maritime (IMO) updates from 2014 events attended by the committees
•Passenger Yacht Code – ICOMIA is supporting an intiative by SYBAss to expand on the intact stability for sailing monohulls research work that was completed by the Wolfson Unit for the third edition of the Large Yacht Code.

The ICOMIA Technical Bulletin will be issued biannually.


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