Oheisena RAI Amsterdamin ohjeet turvalliseen METS-messuvierailun toteutukseen

The most important measures that apply to events in the RAI as of 25 September are:

the use of the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) for visitors to gain access to an event. This means that a visitor is fully vaccinated with an EU approved vaccine, or can show a valid negative test or proof of recovery

the performance of a health check (triage) at the door.

a maximised visitor capacity of 75% at non-fixed seating events, such as trade fairs

At events where fixed seating applies, such as conferences and theatre performances, the full visitor capacity can be used.

Adjustment quarantine measure

In addition to the relaxation of measures, the quarantine measure for travellers from very high-risk areas will be adjusted on Wednesday 22 September. This is especially important for international events in the Netherlands. Travellers from very high-risk areas, such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America, who have been fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine, will no longer have to be quarantined as of 22 September.


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