To: EBI members

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to let you know that the European Commission has today officially confirmed that EU tariffs on US products (including recreational boats) in the context of the steel and aluminium dispute will continue be suspended until 31 March 2025. You can find the EU’s announcement here

This prolongation of the suspension was made official through the publication of a Commission Implementing Regulation in today’s Official Journal, which you can find here

The suspension of tariffs will be continued for another 15 months until 31 March 2025, this will take the suspension into the term of the next US President, which would allow negotiations on a long-term agreement and full lifting of tariffs to continue;
A long-term solution is still not clear as the core issue still exists (of which the US is the origin) and much will depend on the outcomes of the US Presidential elections;
This prolongation of the suspension has been a success of our coalition together with other affected industries at European level, with which we have had many joint actions and meetings to advance this issue with the European Commission and we will continue to push for a long-term solution and full removal of the tariffs;
This is a positive message for those of your members importing and selling US boats and means the status quo continues into the new year. This information can now be shared publicly, and we will also issue a statement on the decision later today.

Please do not hesitate to let me know in case you have any questions.

Best regards,
Philip Easthill
European Boating Industry