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There is power in membership!

Finnboat membership is a sign of reliability. In a world of intensifying competition, speed is important and the one with the best knowledge, skills and network will do better than a lone driller. Belonging to a larger group brings knowledge and knowledge is power. Finnboat ry and its member associations (Finnish Boat Industry Association, Boat Merchants and Parts Suppliers Association and Boat Shipyard and Repair Shop Association) are an organization created by professionals themselves to serve themselves.

Each association has its own board of directors, all of whom process only applications for membership in their own association. The board of the association does not consider or take a position on future applications for associations. Membership application papers are always confidential.

To apply for membership in an association belonging to Finnboat, fill in the membership application, link at the bottom of this page (membership directly under the association is applied for in a free-form letter). The application shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the most recent financial statements and an extract from the trade register. All companies in the field that are domiciled in Finland can apply for membership.

The annual membership fee for companies with a net turnover in the boat industry of up to € 100,000 is € 200.00 and the membership fee for companies with a net turnover in the boat industry of over € 100,000 is € 00.00 + 0.035% of net turnover.

Once the membership is approved, an invoice for the subscription fee will be sent to the company. It amounts to EUR 200 and there is no longer a separate membership fee for the year of accession. The membership fee for designer members is 200 euros. Once the company has paid its membership fee, it is entitled to e.g. to receive various publications of the union free of charge.

What else can you get with a membership fee? Well, for example, it can get more than 50 international boat suppliers to test a new boat made by the company for three days. Or it can get an exhibition place at the Helsinki Floating Flytande 25% cheaper than a non-Finnboat company.

Last but not least, the exchange of information between member companies, joint meetings, a comfortable get-together and an exchange of views must be remembered. Examples are the association's autumn and spring meeting days, which are usually attended by more than a hundred representatives of member companies. For more information on other membership benefits and membership:

Fill out the membership application here:

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